Stitching Hems - Signature Box Top


Refold hems at side seams, this can be done with a finger press and securing with a pin.

Pin hem as needed, match center front seam to center front seam.

Stitch hem 1/8'' from edge of hem. Make sure to back tack at start (and end). Beginner tip- stitch bodice back first for practice.

End at side seam, make sure to back tack:

It isn't uncommon for your stitching to be a little rippled or puckered. This can be pressed out with an iron. If it is severe, it may be a needle/machine issue. You can troubleshoot this problem here: Sewing Machine - Nuances You Should Know About

Press seam flat with iron. A taylors clapper can help lock fibers in to place (I use a piece of scrap wood from a house project). Keep it placed on the them until it cools.

There you have it, a nice smooth hem!


Refold hem at side seam, finger pressing works fine.

Pin into place at side seam:

Start stitching at side seam to hide back tack under arm, stitch 1/8'' from edge of hem. I usually turn my garment right side out for this step as pictured below:

Finish stitch at under arm seam, back tack, snip loose threads, and give a final press.



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