a note from the creator


 "I set out with the intent of creating simple and timeless patterns I would love wear in my own wardrobe, but also wanted to create learning resources that pair with each pattern to help beginners learn and feel more confident as they walk through each step.  It's essentially the learning process I wish I had when I first started sewing my own clothing as I was sewing alone with no friends or family with sewing experience to ask for advice as well as often diving in ten steps ahead of myself making many mistakes along the way. It was always fun trying to teach myself as I constantly experimented and finally felt like I was tapping into my creative side I buried away for so long, but of course it was often frustrating as projects didn't quite turn out as I had hoped.

I really hope these patterns and resources help others reach their clothing sewing goals faster than I did! I just love the skill set I now have to create high quality pieces I honestly wouldn't be able to afford on a regular basis if I exclusively shopped from the high quality/sustainable clothing brands I am very inspired by and drawn to. I definitely don't make all of my own clothing, but I do try to make a reliable backbone of simple pieces that I want to wear all the time and that I know will last me a long time in terms of style and quality. I am always dreaming up my next piece I would love to add to my personal collection and Third Born Pattern series."
- Sarah
Owner, Designer, and Seamstress