Ready to Wear Clothing, Garment Kits, and Patterns

Third Born offers high quality, timeless wardrobe staples through three different approaches: Ready to wear (RTW) clothing, patterns, and garment kits. New styles will be released first though RTW pieces, then offered in the form of Patterns and Garment Kits. The aim is to accelerate beginner sewers into the possibility of constructing their own timeless, minimalist wardrobes. Third Born is a small business located in the Kennebec Valley of Maine.


Our clothing and accessories are handmade with high quality textiles. Textiles are sourced considering environmental impact, sustainability, and durability. We aim to limit waste, including utilizing made-to-order inventory practices, whenever possible.

Garment Kits and Patterns

We offer Garment Kits and Patterns that are accompanied by online learning resources and tutorials. Each pattern will build upon each other in terms of skill level, creating a garment construction curriculum, all from the comfort of your own home. Patterns are offered to those who would like to source their own materials. Garment Kits are offered for both convenience and access to Third Born selected textiles.



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