Sun Day Tank

Bias Facing For Necklines and Armholes - Sun Day Tank

Over the years of sewing garments there are simple techniques that I have learned that have transformed the quality and polished look of my work. Bias facings are one of them. There are a couple ways to approach sewing a bias facing onto a neckline, one using a 1'' strip (not pre-folded), and another using a pre-folded bias tape (must use a bias tape maker) . The finished result for both of these approaches is ultimately the same, but I find using the 1'' strip (not pre-folded) yields a slightly less bulky finish as there is one less fold in...

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V-Neck Bias Neck Facing - Sun Day Tank

 This tutorial will only cover how to execute sewing bias tape onto a v-neck on a scrap piece of fabric. To see a full tutorial on how to make your own 1'' bias strips, visit tutorial "Making Your Own Bias Strips".  For a full tutorial on how to apply 1'' bias  facing to a crew neck or arm hole (closing a continuous loop), visit "Bias Facings For Necklines and Armholes." Helpful tools for this sewing technique include: a clear ruler, "frixion" pen or tailors chalk, pins, scissors for clipping fabric (I prefer a small pair with a fine point). I...

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Hem Facing - Sun Day Tank

  With wrong side facing out of tank bodice, pin right side of hem facing to wrong side of tank bodice. Make sure to match center front, center back, and side seams. Side seams of bodice should be pressed back (raw edges finished), side seams of hem facing pressed forward with seam bulk trimmed down). Stitch hem facing to bodice at 1/4'' seam allowance. Press seam flat, then press seam up towards bodice. Snip 1/8'' into center front and center back notches of hem facing to maintain notch after pressing. With wrong side of bodice facing out, press bias hem...

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