Mask Tutorial


Cut out 4 mask pattern pieces (2 exterior, 2 liner).

Stitch front seam 1/4'' seam allowance (both sets).

Press flat:

Open up liner and exterior mask pieces:

Pin right sides together, matching front seams:

Stitch together 1/4'' seam allowance top and bottom only (leave sides open).

Turn inside out and press seams to edge.

Turn sides inside concealing raw edge about 3/8'' (does not need to be exact).

Cut about 6 inches of 1/4''-wide elastic and pin inside mask.

Fit mask to size:

Stitch around perimeter of mask 1/8'' from edge securing elastic and seams.

Stitch second stitch line 1/4'' from first stitch line for additional elastic security:

Snip any extra loose threads.

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