Making Your Own Bias Strips

Preparing Bias Strips

Your pattern may leave excess space for creating a stash of bias strips/tape. This is a great way to utilize excess fabric. The Third Born Simple Box Top will have a decent sized square for you to utilize to make your own bias strips. Cut strips on the true bias (45 degrees from the selvage) by using a clear ruler to draw 1 inch parallel lines with a pen. "FriXion Pens" are a great option as they erase with heat from an iron. You can easily order FriXion pens online or find them in the "office" section of your department store. 

Simple Box Top - You will need about 25 inches of 1'' bias strip. This will require you to assemble two pieces of bias strips, which will be illustrated below.

Combine two bias strips to make final strip about 25'' long (plenty for simple box top sizes xs-xxl).

Attaching strips at an angle will prevent bulk (if on a straight line the seam will fold on top of itself). If you are more comfortable sewing together on a straight edge that is okay to do so, it is just something to consider.

Notice the edges overhang: if you align tips it will not work out correctly.

Stitch together 1/4 seam allowance:

Press apart and trim corners sticking out.

Your 1'' bias strip is ready to apply to your neckline.

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